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MES Supply Lists

Kindergarten Supply List

1 Box of Crayola crayons (24 count)
1 Bottle of Glue
2 Glue Sticks
1 Fisker scissors (no plastic scissors)
1 Pack of regular #2 pencils
1 School box (small plastic kind without handles to store supplies)
2 Folders (Heavy paper kind with 2 bottom pockets)
1 Nap mat (Thin, foldable, red & blue type)
1 Primary writing tablet (Mead grade levels 1 & 2 or any with a broken line between the top and bottom lines)
1 Large book bag (that will hold school items & winter coat)
1 Change of clothing, in case of accidents, in a plastic bag marked with the student's name.

Optional items
2 Bottles of Germ-X hand sanitizer
2 Boxes of Kleenex tissue

First Grade Supply List

6 One-subject wide rule spiral notebooks
3 Heavy duty three-prong, two-pocket folders
#2 pencils
Sanitizing wipes
Pencil box
Glue sticks
Pencil erasers
Index cards
Ziploc bags - all sizes
Envelopes to keep snack or lunch money in to send to school
Hand sanitizer
Dry erase markers

Second Grade Supply List

Liquid soap
Clorox Wipes
Large pack of pencils (please no wrapped)
2 packs of wide ruled paper
1 bottle of liquid glue
1 package of glue sticks
1 pack of crayons (16 count)
1 package of erasers
1 package of clear sheet protectors
2 three-prong folders
5 black and white composition books

Third Grade Supply List

1 box of 24 pencils
4 packs regular rule paper
1 box colored pencils
10 folders with prongs

Fourth & Fifth Grade Supply List

2 packs loose-leaf notebook paper
2 black & white composition books
4 plastic folders with pockets and prongs
1 packs of pencils
If possible:
          Trapper Keeper or sturdy binder
5 subject dividers with pockets
Protractor (4th grade only)
Antibacterial wipes

Sixth & Eighth Grade Math Supply List

Graph paper
Composition book
Folder with loose-leaf paper (this can be binder or notebook)